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Classical Ballet - Taekwondo - Musical Education


It is our opinion at Florida International School, that arts are presenting students with a unique educational opportunity. Not only do we view arts as important to itself, but much of its value is as a process for learning more important life lessons like discipline, hard work, creativity, and co-operation. In our operations we focus not only on arts but the “Art of Teaching.”


Recent brain research has led to an explosion of new ideas in so called “brain-based education,” founded on the most current findings of how the brain actually learns.  Time and again use of body movement and physical exercise has shown increased learning potential for understanding abstract concepts and forming long term memory. 


Classical ballet or martial arts e.g. have many advantages - movements incorporate the whole body, stimulating the child's vestibular system, increase focus, confidence and positive attitudes while musical education provides the audio, visual, and kinetic stimulus for learners.

Emotional well-being


At Florida International School we strive to provide a supportive, nurturing environment while encouraging self improvement.  We focus on use of positive reinforcement in all our classes.  While it may seem critical to give corrections, doing so in a positive, encouraging manner prevents formation of bad habits resulting in greater overall accomplishment and satisfaction.  Overall we strive to present the excitement, support, and creative expression to give an environment that connects learning new skills with positive emotions – crucial to any learning.


Morning Mood
Edvard Grieg (Peer Gynt)

We are all very dedicated to what we do and look forward to sharing the benefits of classical art with you and your family.

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